How to Implement DV Site Served Monitoring Tags?

By | June 16, 2023
How to Implement DV Site Served Monitoring Tags?

Hello Digital Marketer, In this tutorial, we are going to learn How to Implement DV Site Served Monitoring Tags?, what is the process of implementing DV-monitoring tags, Implementation guide of DV Site Served Monitoring Tags.

How to implement DV monitoring tags across site-served display and video placements.

DV Site-Served Monitoring Tags are of two types:-

  • Display
  • Video

How to Implement DV Site Served Monitoring Tags?

Implement only the correct version of the DV site-served monitoring tag that corresponds with the site-served creative type for each placement.

  • Display and Video reporting are separate within IQPerformance. Choosing the incorrect tag version can impact data collection and reporting.
  • Reach out to the DV Implementation team if further instruction is needed.

The Display 1×1 version should only be used when there is no technical ability to implement JavaScript. This tag type does not allow for viewability measurement.

  • The Display 1×1 should ALWAYS be implemented in close proximity to the creative asset and should fire only after the asset begins to render.

DV site-served monitoring tags should be implemented IN ADDITION TO the impression and click trackers provided by the agency.

  • DV site-served monitoring tags are responsible for collecting DV monitoring data within Pinnacle, while the agency’s 3rd party impression and click trackers are responsible for collecting impressions and clicks within their 3rd party ad server.
  • If you are missing agency 3rd party impression trackers, click trackers, or actual creative, please reach out to the agency directly.

For programmatic site-served placements, you will also need to implement the DV IQPA Monitoring Tag directly within the DSP in order to collect IQPA insights.

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